Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 7 of the 31 Day Challenge - B&W Nails

Today's challenge is black and white, which is always a classic combination. Once again I am using the flowery and leafy design from Pueen plate PUEEN15. I think this has to be my favorite Pueen stamp so far. I just love it. 

The base color is Zoya Storm which is a nice opaque black with holographic glitter. I love having this beautiful holographic polish in my collection. Gorgeous!

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 6 of the 31 Day Challenge - Violet Nails

Oh boy do I love holographic polish, especially polish from the Color Club Halo Hues collection. This beautiful purple holo is Color Club's Eternal Beauty. I used it as the base color on the index and ring fingers. It also stamps beautifully as you can see on the middle finger. The base color for the middle finger is Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Grape Escape which was also used to stamp on the ring finger. The stamp is from Pueen plate PUEEN24. 

I love purple polishes and I always seem to pair it with stars - like they are meant to be together. Well I'm off to get ready for a party! It's Girl's Game Night and of course we are going to do nails too. Woohoo!

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God bless

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5 of the 31 Day Challenge - Blue Nails

Did anyone see Monsters University this summer? Did you happen to catch the Pixar short 'The Blue Umbrella' before the movie? I was amazed at the animation in that short because it was so lifelike and the story was too cute. Well I was flipping through my stamps and noticed a little umbrella from Winstonia and that made me think of 'The Blue Umbrella' and so it became the inspiration for this design.

I made a gradient base using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue-Away and NYC Skin Tight Denim. I stamped the umbrellas using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's Rapid Red and Blue By! With Winstonia stamp W113, and the 'rain' using Color Club Over The Moon with Bundle Monster stamp BM-319. Although there was smearing on the red umbrella with the top coat, I still love how this turned out! 

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Day 4 of the 31 Day Challenge - Green Nails

This design started with the base color China Glaze Starboard. I added a green feather to the ring finger and the green glitter polish China Glaze Winter Holly to the middle finger. I stamped the index and pinky fingers with Color Club Kismet with Pueen plate PUEEN06.

Day 3 of the 31 Day Challenge - Yellow Nails

So my mom challenged me to try the bees in the beehive over a month ago and I am finally getting around to it. For this design, my base color is Sinful Colors Unicorn. The ring finger is China Glaze Mahogany. I stamped the beehive using plate W113 from Winstonia and made stamping decals with the bee stamp from Bundle Monster BM-301.

Day 2 of the 31 Day Challenge - Orange Nails

For this challenge I went with a color block look using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's in Heat Flash, Orange Impulse and Raspberry Race.  I first started with a gold base color, Essie's Good As Gold, and once that dried, I added striping tape for the lines and painted in the space and then slowly removed the tape.

Day 1 of the 31 Day Challenge - Red Nails

I posted a picture of this on Instagram on the 1st. 

I love red, black and white combos so that's what I decided to go with here. The base color is Essie Size Matters. I did a sugar spun technique on the index finger with Milani Black Swift. The middle finger is stamped with Konad White using Pueen plate Pueen15. The ring and pinky fingers both have glitter from Hardy Candy Black Tie Optional and the pinky finger is stamped with the same image from Pueen15. 

I love how this turned out! Especially the pinky. 

The 31 Day Challenge

So obviously I have been off of my blog for a while now. When the kids started school last year it threw my schedule off. Not only that but I stopped using a computer altogether once I got an iPad. In fact, I am using my iPad now to write this post. With all the apps that come on tablets and phones these days, you rarely need to get on a desktop computer anymore because you have one in your hands! 

Last month, just days before September began, I saw Chalkboard Nails post this picture on Instagram. 

She has been doing this particular 31 Day challenge for the past two years and it was always in September so she has invited others to join her in the challenge. I'm going to take this as an opportunity to blog again and hopefully it doesn't become too overwhelming - blogging is more work than I ever expected!

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